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Five CSR Priority Areas


In order to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities comprehensively and from a long-term perspective, the IDEC Group has established and been engaged in five priority areas: environment (E), social (S), governance (G), safety (Sa), and quality (Q). Public interest in the first three areas has risen in recent years, while the latter two are IDEC's strengths.

Activities in IDEC Group CSR Priority Areas


Recognizing the goal of a harmonious existence with the earth that we all share, we make environmental safety and quality a top priority in all aspects of our business while pursuing sustainable business growth.

Since its founding, the IDEC Group has set "respect for humanity" as a corporate objective and has made "contributing to society through business growth" one of its basic management policies. Also, the Group strives to contribute to society through business activities, and supports and promotes social contribution activities by its employees.

The IDEC Group believes that transparency and management efficiency for stakeholders are fundamental elements of corporate governance. The Group will keep improving corporate governance in order to increase corporate value.

The IDEC Group strives to improve industry on-site safety through control equipment/system businesses and by developing safety standards, based on its fundamental management policies of "management with respect for humanity" and "contributing to society and economy through business activities."

The IDEC Group's basic stance is that "a product's value depends on its quality." In order to deliver "reassuring" and "safe" products, the Group strives to offer development, production, sales, and service based on a quality management system.

IDEC Group Management System

The IDEC Group believes that securing business transparency and efficiency for stakeholders is the basis of corporate governance. Therefore, the Group constantly prioritizes transparency and efficiency in its management by actively appointing outside directors and separating its supervisory and executive functions.
To disseminate its views and management policies on corporate governance, the Group has established an "IDEC Corporate Governance Policy."
Also, the Group has established a system for preventing risks during normal conditions and initiating quick responses during crises, including establishing a "Risk Management Committee" based on "Risk Management Rules" that were established to minimize damage in the event that a crisis occurred.