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Confidence. No matter the industry.

Every industry is different but we take the same approach to all of them. Build quality products that can be trusted no matter what and back them up with support every step of the way.


IDEC is an expert in providing solutions for the automotive industry. We go above and beyond with technology to help you reduce maintenance costs, defects, and accidents so you can work more effectively and improve accuracy.
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Machine Tools

IDEC understands that it’s not enough for us to simply improve productivity with increased uptime and ease of use. Our products not only meet safety standards, we can help you downsize equipment and reduce maintenance costs.
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The key to more efficient production lines requires an unwavering commitment to collaboration to establish safe and efficient working environments where robots and humans can work together. IDEC can help your initiatives reach their fullest potential with products that exceed safety and collaboration compliance requirements.
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Material Handling

IDEC is an expert at optimizing the distribution of goods to help streamline the automation process while helping to prevent injury. Build or update your warehouse confidently, with IDEC as a partner, to streamline logistics with improved productivity and reduced risk of injury.
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Food and Packaging

IDEC’s cutting edge technology not only helps you provide the assurances you need for cost-effective traceability, we can help you improve productivity and uptime. We have the interfaces and collaboration tools to help you identify when problems occur, improve safety, and operability.
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IDEC understands that benefiting from increased productivity requires a relentless drive to take things further. We continually ask ourselves whether we can make things better, safer, more compact, or more durable. So you can increase throughput.
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Special Vehicles

IDEC understands that it’s critical for vehicles designed for special purposes to have specialized operability and safety solutions that meet targeted needs. Get peace of mind with IDEC and APEM, who has joined our family of products, to give you more variety of HMI products to suit specific applications.
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Control Panel

Helping build next generation control panels and equipment that minimize maintenance time.
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Transportation and Logistics

Safety and efficiency go hand in hand in transportation and logistics. We build systems and products to promote both.
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