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Human Rights Policy

The IDEC Group has specified our reason for existence (our Purpose) as “realizing safety, ANSHIN and well-being for people around the world.” Since our establishment, our vision has been stated as “Management with respect for humanity,” and even in “The IDEC Way,” our philosophy for striving to become a truly global company, the concepts of “valuing people,” “developing people,” and “bringing out the best of people” have been passed down as our foundation. In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society while maintaining a high awareness of human rights among all people surrounding the IDEC Group, we declare our commitment toward human rights in the business activities of the IDEC Group as our basic policy.

Health Initiatives

In the IDEC Group, based on the awareness that the "physical and mental health" of employees and their families is the foundation for all things, we have established the IDEC Group Health Declaration and are promoting health initiatives based on this.

Policy for Developing Human Resources and Arranging Work Environments in Order to Ensure Diversity

The IDEC Group has specified our reason for existence (our Purpose) as “realizing safety, ANSHIN and well-being for people around the world the world” and has indicated our Vision “Pioneer the new norm for a safer and sustainable world.” in “The IDEC Way.” Our goal is to create a safer and more sustainable society by bringing happiness and ANSHIN to all people. Looking toward the target of realizing the Vision of the IDEC Group, we will further develop our businesses on a global basis and contribute to the resolution of various societal challenges through our business activities. In order to do so, we have set our key themes to be the recruitment and development of human resources who possess a wide variety of strengths and can demonstrate their abilities, as well as human resources who can independently open a path to the future with high passion and be responsible for the next generation. We will continue to actively promote diversity and inclusion from here on and implement various measures for human resource development. In addition, the IDEC Group protects workplace safety and physical and mental health, respects human rights, and strives to ensure a healthy work environment free of discrimination.

Decent Work

The IDEC Group actively promotes Decent Work, creating a comfortable work environment where diverse human resources can play an active role regardless of gender, nationality, etc., and preventing overwork.