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Policy for Developing Human Resources and Arranging Work Environments in Order to Ensure Diversity

The IDEC Group has specified our reason for existence (our Purpose) as “realizing  safety, ANSHIN and well-being for people around the world  the world” and has indicated our Vision “Pioneer the new norm for a safer and sustainable world.” in “The IDEC Way.” Our goal is to create a safer and more sustainable society by bringing happiness and ANSHIN to all people.

Looking toward the target of realizing the Vision of the IDEC Group, we will further develop our businesses on a global basis and contribute to the resolution of various societal challenges through our business activities. In order to do so, we have set our key themes to be the recruitment and development of human resources who possess a wide variety of strengths and can demonstrate their abilities, as well as human resources who can independently open a path to the future with high passion and be responsible for the next generation. We will continue to actively promote diversity and inclusion from here on and implement various measures for human resource development.

In addition, the IDEC Group protects workplace safety and physical and mental health, respects human rights, and strives to ensure a healthy work environment free of discrimination.

Initiatives for the Recruitment and Development of Human Resources 

Training programs

The IDEC Group has created various training programs to develop employees through investment in human resources, in order to resolve various societal challenges and achieve customer success.

In addition to organized in-house and outside training programs and career advancement support programs, we have also introduced an overseas training program for young employees to develop personnel who can succeed in the global arena.

Moreover, to achieve sustainable growth for the IDEC Group as a whole, we have also introduced a selective training program for early training of the next-generation managerial candidates who will lead our Group in the future.

Development of next-generation leaders

Our medium-to long-term human resource strategy includes the fulfillment of key positions and the development of human resources who will be leaders. In order to achieve sustainable growth throughout the Group, we are selecting and developing manager candidates who will be responsible for the next generation of management.

Recruitment and development of highly skilled human resources

We are actively promoting the recruitment and development of personnel in the fields of DX and AI who are capable of promoting business innovation, as well as personnel with a high level of specialized expertise who can be responsible for technical sales and new product development to propose optimal solutions to customer issues.

Recruitment and development of global human resources

In our international society, we are actively promoting the recruitment and development of global human resources who can advance the IDEC Group's business operations while communicating successfully with people who have diverse values.


Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion

The IDEC Group promotes initiatives for diversity and inclusion. While showing the highest respect for humanity, we are striving to create working environments where diverse human resources who possess diverse experiences, specialized expertise, and knowledge can be active regardless of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, social status, family origin, religion, or other characteristics, and are taking steps to enhance our support systems.

Recruitment and promotion of personnel with foreign nationalities

As of the end of FY2023, IDEC unconsolidated had 63 employees who were foreign nationals, including two executive officers and two department heads.
IDEC hires personnel without regard to nationality, and foreign nationals are working in many different departments. We are also making an effort to improve the environment for foreign nationals, such as translating the minutes of major meetings into multiple languages.

Development and appointment of female managers 

We promote the empowerment of women as part of our commitment to creating an environment and culture that enable diverse human resources to take on challenges. We have set a goal of having at least 15 female managers at IDEC unconsolidated by the end of FY2025. We also conduct awareness-raising training for senior managers—who are the key to promoting women’s empowerment—and career training for all female employees.

The ratio of female managers on a consolidated basis was 23.2% in FY2023.

Recruitment and appointment of mid-career personnel

Our recruitment of mid-career talent actively strives to hire people with highly specialized capabilities. In the three years from FY2021 through FY2023, IDEC unconsolidated hired a total of 57 mid-career individuals, of whom 16 were managerial hires.

Moreover, we actively promote the hiring and training of people experienced in DX and AI who can lead business innovation, as well as people with highly specialized knowledge who can be entrusted with engineering sales and new product development and so on and can propose ideal solutions to resolve customer issues. We will continue to actively recruit mid-career personnel with the specialist capabilities and knowledge needed to strengthen our business.

Creation of employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, and initiatives to provide opportunities for activity

We have employed the Special Provisions for Corporate Groups since FY2022. As of the end of FY2023, there were 41 disabled persons (converted value 50 persons) employed by the IDEC Group in Japan, an employment rate of 3.0%.

Through regular interviews with employees with disabilities, we check on their work situation and strive to improve the working environment in an effort to maintain an employment rate that is above the legally mandated employment rate. We will continue our efforts from here on to create environments which can allow personnel with disabilities to work comfortably.

Understanding of and support for LGBTQ+

In FY2022, we began in-house education relating to LGBTQ+ issues to establish a workplace environment that enables all people to work with energy and enthusiasm. We conduct training for people who serve as in-house consultation contacts and post specific information on the company intranet regarding basic responses to persons coming so it can be read by all employees in order to deepen understanding of LGBTQ+ issues. We will continue to work to create an environment in which employee identities are not compromised.

Environmental Improvement Initiatives

The IDEC Group promotes the creation of a healthy and rewarding work environment that is safe, ANSHIN, and free from industrial accidents. In particular, we promote decent work and improve the working environment by balancing work with childcare and nursing care and reviewing systems to accommodate a variety of work styles.
In addition, sexual harassment, power harassment, maternity harassment, gender harassment, and moral harassment are all acts that violate human rights and harm the work environment. As such, they are strictly prohibited, and harassment training is provided for managers.