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Environmental Policy

The IDEC Group revised the Environmental Policy in 2024. During this period, changes in demands relating to climate change such as Paris Agreement and carbon neutrality to reduce CO2 emissions, social demands other than climate change such as establishment of a circular society and biodiversity, etc., and environmental information disclosure in accordance with international disclosure standards such IFRS have emerged. We will revise and operate the “Environmental Policy” to respond to those new environmental issues and social demands.


As a company pursuing to create the optimum environment for humans and machines and to achieve safety, ANSHIN, and well-being for people around the world, the IDEC Group recognizes the conservation of the global environment as a top priority in all aspects of our business activities while committing to connecting a sustainable society to future generations.

Action Guidelines

1 Environmental Management and Environmental Management System
   We will operate an environmental management system and practice environmental management under the commitment
   of top management. In those practices, we will aim to raise environmental awareness of our employees through
   environmental education and work to resolve environmental issues with our suppliers and customers.

2 Realization of a Circular Society
   We will promote following initiatives to realize a circular society.
   ・We will reduce energy and raw materials usage and utilize renewable resources.
   ・We will optimize water resources utilization.
   ・We will reduce and recycle wastes.
   ・We will conduct a proper management of chemical substances to prevent environmental pollution.
   ・We will prevent emissions of substances that deplete ozone layers into the atmosphere.

3 Compliance with Laws and Regulations
   We will comply with environmental laws, ordinances, agreements related to our business activities, and international environmental
   standards and CSR rules, fulfilling our social responsibilities.

4 Provision of Eco-friendly Products and Services
   We will strive to reduce environmental impact from the design and development stages of products, to manufacturing processes,
   logistics, and packaging materials to provide more eco-friendly products and services to society throughout the lifecycle from
   procurement of raw materials to product use and disposal.

5 Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
   We will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain in addition to promoting energy-saving, introducing
   renewable and next-generation energy sources, utilizing low-carbon technologies, and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

6 Communication and Information Disclosure
   We will value dialogues with diverse stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors, business partners, and the local community
   related to our business activities, and will engage in active information disclosure in accordance with international disclosure standards.

7 Coexistence with Nature
   For achieving a society that coexists with nature, we will evaluate dependencies and impacts on biodiversity in our business activities,
   consider the local ecosystems, and reduce negative impacts throughout the value chain.

   Updated on April 1, 2024

Toshi K. Funaki
Chairman and C.E.O.