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Occupational Safety and Health System

At IDEC, we consider the safety and health of our employees and the improvement of their well-being to be our most important priorities. We are actively engaged in activities to prevent occupational accidents and health problems, and are striving to create workplaces where employees can work with security and enthusiasm. The Company-wide Safety and Health Committee has been established as a core organization for occupational safety and health for our entire domestic Group, which deploys company-wide activities.
In addition, we have acquired ISO45001 certification, the international standard for occupational safety and health management systems, and as part of its operation we are promoting the prevention of occupational accidents and the formation of comfortable workplaces while making continuous improvements.

Company-wide Safety and Health Committee

The Company-wide Safety and Health Committee is organized as a parent organization of the safety and health committees at individual sites. It conducts activities in close coordination with organizations to prevent occupational accidents, promote employee health, and encourage the formation of comfortable working environments.
In addition, we have organized specialized subcommittees with themes in four areas, including traffic safety and health promotion, to discuss and address company-wide issues.

Roles of the Company-wide Safety and Health Committee

・Discussions to address occupational safety and health issues and serious industrial accidents, and company-wide development and communication of improvement measures
・Verification and improvement of issues in four areas (traffic safety, health promotion, equipment safety, decent work)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001)

Through the operation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001), we are working to continuously improve our level of safety and health based on the IDEC Basic Safety Policy, by regularly evaluating occupational safety and health risks, formulating plans that rank the urgency and importance of those risks, and applying the PDCA cycle.

[Examples of Initiatives for the Current Year]

・Measures to reduce occupational safety and health risks (implementation of risk assessment and countermeasures regarding equipment, work operations, and chemical substances)
・Promotion of voluntary workplace activities (Realization Reporting activities, patrol activities, etc.)
・Implementation of safety and health education for employees (promotion of acquisition of safety assessor/officer qualifications, safety training for all employees, etc.)
・Promotion of mental and physical health (establishment of mental health systems, re-examination rate of 50% or higher for regular health checkups, etc.)

ISO 45001 acquisition status

The IDEC Group has obtained authentication as follows.

LocationCertification organizationsCertification No.Initial certification dateexpiry date
IDEC Corporation
Takino factory
IDEC Corporation
Fukusaki factory
IDEC Corporation
Amagasaki factory
IDEC Corporation
Tatsuno factory
IDEC Corporation
Kiba factory

WIT Assessment



Introduction of Safety and Health Activities

“Realization Reporting”

We are working to prevent occupational accidents and create safe occupational environments through activities to indicate problems noticed by each employee from the four viewpoints of safety, quality, equipment, and productivity on specialized reporting sheets when they are recognized, and using them to identify issues and execute countermeasures.
In the previous proposal-based system, problem points and improvement suggestions were reported as a set, but the “Realization Reporting” system is designed to allow points to be easily described and submitted at any time when employees notice them.
This has led the number of reports to increase dramatically, making it possible to address potential problems which are uncovered. It also helps to foster a sense of participation for individuals in safety activities.

Visualization of safety measures

The Facility Safety Subcommittee of the Company-wide Safety and Health Committee gathers information including the content of implemented safety measures and specific examples from each factories, and works to visualize these measures.
By sharing this information with all domestic Group companies and expanding it laterally, we intend to more thoroughly prevent occupational accidents and support the creation of safe occupational environments.