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Cooperative Safety / Safety 2.0

Pursuing technologies for safety and security

While promoting our control equipment  and control system businesses, IDEC pursues safety in environments where humans and machines exist together, and is focusing on the development of technologies for machine safety and explosion-proofing safety.

By providing our next-generation safety philosophy “Cooperative Safety / Safety 2.0” and safety technologies based on risk assessments also to customers outside of past  FA fields, we are actively striving to build environments that ensure safety and security while maintaining productivity, and that can enhance the well-being of workers.

Creating optimal environments for humans and machines, to achieve well-being

By applying our Cooperative Safety / Safety 2.0 technology, a combination of both safety and productivity, which was difficult with conventional machine safety alone, can be achieved so that people can work safely and with peace of mind . The relationship between humans and sources of danger is explained in the figure below, where relationships  with dangerous mechanical systems are compared to lions. There will be no risks if only lions exist and there are no people.

“Safety 0.0” is a state in which humans and lions exist in the same area, where human attention only is relied on to avoid danger and prevent injuries . There are constantly large risks present here, and accidents could happen at any time.

In “Safety 1.0,” dangerous lions are enclosed in cages and kept away from people to ensure safety, but risks as irregular conditions, such as for work performed after entering enclosures, remain.

Safety 2.0” means that after sufficient risk assessments and new safety and security measures have been implemented, the lions are let out of their cages again, and sources of danger and people are allowed to exist together in the same environment.

Source: Partially cited from materials of the Ministry of Health, Labour

From here on , IDEC will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society as we pursue the “highest safety and security in the world ” with our innovativeness and originality, by creating rules for the technological development of cooperative  safety fields, and working to develop manufacturing which enhances the safety of industrial sites.
Then , in order to successfully improve the safety, health, and well-being of all working people, we will propose safety for a new era.