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Along with formulating its long-term vision for 2050 and interim vision for 2030, IDEC has reviewed its policy toward materiality. A fourth item, “business foundation,” has been added, and the company is working to devise climate change measures and further enhance its human capital and governance.
The IDEC Group is committed to creating the optimum environment for humans and machines, and to achieving safety, ANSHIN, and well-being for people around the world. This is our Purpose.
We are contributing to the resolution of various societal challenges through our business in order to achieve our Purpose and a sustainable society.

Sustainability Targets and Progress 

Along with a reassessment of materiality, areas for action have been established in order to achieve our vision for 2030, and sustainability KPIs have been selected for each area.
Moreover, materiality and some of the sustainability KPIs are linked to the medium-term management plan.