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Social Contribution Activities

Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities

Since its foundation, the IDEC Group has considered contributing to society through corporate development to be one of its basic management policies. In addition to making social contributions through our business activities, we also support and promote the participation of each employee in society as a corporate citizen rooted in the local community from a broader perspective, and engage in social contribution and volunteer activities. 


Based on “Management with respect for humanity” principle, in keeping with IDEC’s group vision—to realize a safer and more sustainable society that brings happiness and ANSHIN to all people—we will continue to implement activities that respond to social issues and establish good relationships with society.


1. Fostering a Corporate Culture that Encourages Social Contribution Activities
We foster a corporate culture in which each employee considers social issues on their own accord and deepens their understanding of these issues. We also respect and support the will of social contribution, which will lead to proactive social contribution activities.

2. Initiatives for a Symbiotic Society
We aim to solve social issues and realize a symbiotic society by working together with people who share the same goals, while maintaining a global perspective and deepening mutual understanding with local and international communities.

3. Initiatives for Global Environmental Conservation
We promote global environmental conservation activities in order to sustain the rich and beautiful earth where we live for the next generation.

4. Creating an ANSHIN Society  
We aim to create the optimum environment for humans and machines through manufacturing that leverages our strengths, and to realize safety and ANSHIN for society as a pioneer of new standards.

Updated on February 13, 2020


CSV (Creating Shared Value)

The IDEC Group is actively engaged in the creation of shared value as solutions for social issues to achieve safety, ANSHIN and well-being. Products and solutions introduced here epitomize these efforts using our control and safety technologies.

Social Contribution Activities


A donation program known as “TABLE FOR TWO” (hereafter “TFT”) has been introduced in the cafeteria of our Head Office. When employees choose TFT menu items, 20 yen per meal will be donated to the specified non-profit corporation TABLE FOR TWO International. From this amount, 10 yen is included in the menu price, and an additional 10 yen will be donated by IDEC according to a matching gift system. The TFT program is applied to support the provision of school meals to children in developing countries. The activities we have carried out to date have led to our recognition as a “Gold Partner.” We also use sustainable ingredients (such as ASC-certified seafood and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee, etc) to provide an opportunity for employees to deepen their understanding of ethical consumption.

Contributing to Local Communities

The IDEC Group values communication with the communities in which it operates and promotes a variety of contribution activities that lead to the resolution of local issues. In the area of employee recruitment, our business offices and distribution centers actively recruit local residents in the vicinity of their locations in an effort to revitalize local communities and create jobs.

Regional Development Activities

Employees of the IDEC Group regularly visit Sayo High School in Hyogo Prefecture as outside instructors as a part of its educational curriculum aiming for regional revitalization through cooperation between Sayo High School and local communities, to work on the curriculum with students. Using tomatoes grown at the “Sayo Manabiya Farm” state-of-the-art tomato cultivation facility operated cooperatively by Sayo Town and IDEC, we conduct classes on product development while respecting the independence and individuality of students. Through collaborative efforts by industry, government, and academia, we will create opportunities for local employment which will contribute to regional development and revitalization.

Support Activities for Children from Households with Economic Difficulties

As the number of households facing economic difficulties in their lifestyles resulting from lost jobs or suspension of work due to COVID-19 is increasing rapidly, IDEC’s Social Contribution Committee has been working in cooperation with our employees to hold regular discussions with the Social Welfare Council in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka Prefecture, the location of IDEC’s Head Office, to learn about the problems being faced and provide support for food drives to deliver food to individuals or groups in need. Up to this point, donations which include food and stationery items have been collected and delivered to the Yodogawa-ku Social Welfare Council to be used toward food assistance and learning support for children.

Community Cleanup Activities

The IDEC Group’s production sites and distribution centers hold ongoing cleanup activities in our surrounding areas. Through these activities, we work together with local residents and companies to carry out activities for environmental conservation and community contribution. At our overseas sites, employees and their families participate in cleanup activities to pick up trash while climbing mountain together, and in “plogging” activities to pick up trash while jogging. In addition to cleanup activities, our employees are working together with their colleagues to promote good health.

Disaster Support

The IDEC Group has formulated rules for providing monetary donations to disaster-stricken areas in the hope that those affected by natural disasters can return to their normal lifestyles as quickly as possible, and offers support which includes donations from the IDEC Group and fundraising activities. In addition, to encourage donation activities by our employees we have introduced a matching gift system, in which the company will add on an amount identical to the amount of donations made by employees.
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