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Initiatives for SDGs 

What Are SDGs?


In September of 2015, the "United Nations Sustainable Development Summit" was held at the UN Headquarters.
The outcome document thereof, "Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development," was unanimously adopted by 193 member nations and contains Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The SDGs consist of 17 goals with 169 associated targets. In order to achieve these goals by 2030, the participation and contributions of companies are expected. 

Contributions to SDGs through Business

The IDEC Group aims to create new economic and social value through our business activities and to contribute to safety and the environment on the global level.
Here, we introduce our 5 business catergories, our core products, the social value they create, and the related SDGs.

Business category Core products Social value Major related SDGs
HMI (Human-Machine Interface) - Switches
- Joysticks
- Operator interfaces
- Pursuing safety and ease of use
- Quality assurance
Industrial Relays & Components - Relays / sockets
- Terminal blocks
- Switching power supplies
- Circuit protectors
- Industrial LED lighting

- Reducing consumed energy
- Space saving
- Providing optimal light for various applications

Automation & Sensing
- Programmable controllers
- Sensors
- Solutions to shortage of workers
- Achieving sophisticated management control in medical institutions
- Solutions for achieving automation in cases of increase in logistics
- Solutions for factory automation in diverse manufacturing industries
Safety and Explosion protection Solutions - Safety-related devices
- Explosion-protection devices
- Eliminating industrial accidents
- Creating a safe and comfortable environment in a global society
- Realization of cooperative safety and Safety 2.0
- Promoting international standardization
New Businesses - Renewable energy business
- Next-generation agricultural solutions
- Ultrafine bubble generator
- Utilizing natural energy
- Promoting the use of renewable energy
- Promoting the healthy growth of vegetation
- Achieving efficient soil purification
- Creating a safe and comfortable environment in global society


Relationship between SDGs and Five CSR Priority Areas

We/IDEC add Safety and Quality as our strengths to “ESG” (Environment / Social / Governance) to create “ESG+Sa+Q”, which we consider to be our five CSR priority areas. The following describes the relationship between the five priority areas and SDGs.

Environmental Policy

With regard to enterprise management and the global environment, we realize that people around the world have a shared desire to happily coexist with the earth. Therefore, in all of our business activities, we prioritize environmental conservation and strive for sustainable development.

Code of conduct in relationship between IDEC and stakeholders

In conducting our business activities, we respect all of our stakeholders including our customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, society, and our employees, maintaining the dignity as a trusted company, coexisting with and flourishing with stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Policy

Since the IDEC Group believes that management transparency and efficiency for stakeholders including shareholders is the basis of corporate governance, we strengthen our corporate governance in order to increase our corporate value.

Safety Policy

Based on our basic management policy of "contributing to society and economy through business activities" under the premise of "management with respect for humanity," the IDEC Group aims to constantly achieve a high level of safety in all our business activities, creating a safe and comfortable environment not only inside the IDEC Group but throughout global society.

Quality Assurance Policy

The quality we are aiming at is “usability.” In order to provide superior products that users can purchase and use with satisfaction, and to develop technologies that make them the most economically, we have established a quality assurance system that challenges every employees and realize "IDEC Quality."

Internal Prevailing of SDGs

SDGs are explained in in-house trainings of the IDEC group to raise awareness and understanding of our employees.

Holding CSR Innovation Seminar

The IDEC Group regularly holds in-house seminars on CSR for executives, division managers, and leader-level employees. We invite experts inside and outside the company to hold CSR seminars based on five themes from time to time. The theme contains Safety (Sa) and Quality (Q) issues which is the foundation of the IDEC Group as a manufacturer that creates "safety" in addition to the three issues of Environment (E), Social (S) and Governance (G). Through seminar attendance, we consider social issues, SDGs and efforts to solve them, and then we improve the level of ESG + Sa + Q to increase corporate value.

Holding SDGs Workshops

In order to deepen the understanding of SDGs and solve social issues, we held workshops in FY2019 for each division as an opportunity to consider and discuss ideas about how we can expand the IDEC Group business and core technology and what we can do. From new employees to executive officers, members participated from various generations and participated in free, lively debated, made SDGs issues "personally involved."

Implementing CSR Trainings

We conduct CSR training for young employees who joined us as recent graduates. In introducing our CSR activities, we also explain the outline of SDGs and explain the IDEC Group's initiatives.